The Machine That Saved My Freshman Year

Posted by: | Posted on: July 19, 2019

My freshman year of college is over, and I couldn’t have made it through it without the espresso machine that I found on Cuppabean. The machine has gotten me through some long nights of studying for exams. The coffee shop that is on campus is only open during the day time, and if you need any kind of hot caffeine based beverage, you have to make it yourself. I’d rather make it myself anyway, because the coffee shop has prices that I find to be pretty outrageous, especially for the mount of beverage that you get.

Having a machine in my dorm that could make espressos gave me benefits beyond just being able to make drinks whenever I wanted. Other people wanted to have drinks as well, and were willing to pay me for them. There was no way the school would allow me to run a full business out of my dorm, especially one that served drinks, but as long as I was just limiting things to a few people at a time, no one would complain about it. Even the RA on my floor came by my room to have a drink made. He just told me to make sure that I don’t set anything on fire.

Next year, I expect there to be even more exams that I’ll have to stay up late to study for, but I’ll be ready with my espresso machine. Hopefully that the RA in my new dorm is as cool as the one in my old dorm, or I’ll have to keep the machine a secret. I might be able to bribe him with a welcome espresso and a cinnamon roll from the vending machine in the dorm lobby. If I had enough space, I’d put a toaster oven in my room and make the cinnamon roll from scratch.

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