Cheating while returning customers cash at clothes shop


since 2012, some extremely powerful people in panaji have hated the domain investor and are always looking for ways to harass and cheat her. In the latest incident the domain investor went to a shop in panaji and purchased items of Rs 668
She gave Rs 1000 in the form Rs 500 notes to make payment
The lady in the shop counted Rs 332 and pretended to give the entire amount to the domain investor,
Only when the domain investor was putting the money in the purse , she noticed that were only two hundred notes given to her
All the notes in the purse were folded for a long time, while the shopkeeper had not folded the notes in the cash counter
So when the domain investor started checking, the lady at the cash counter gave the Rs 100 which she had probably intentionally held with her
This shows how cunning people are in cheating others, if they are not alert.

For converting their cash black money into white money, greedy goan officials caro, nayak CRIMINALLY DEFAMING goa 1989 jee topper

Though the goa 1989 jee topper is a harmless single woman engineer, who has not harmed anyone at all, top goan officials caro, nayak CRIMINALLY DEFAMING goa 1989 jee topper in the worst manner, so that they can exploit her to convert their black money into white money
The goa security agencies are getting bribes from everyone in goa from rickshaw drivers to others in cash, and keeping the cash is risky. So with the help of indian tech and internet companies, these fraud officials want to exploit the indian paypal account holders like the goa 1989 jee topper,to convert their black money into white.
Though the lazy greedy wife riddhi nayak caro, of crooked caro is only cooking, cleaning for caro, google, tata, indian tech and internet companies are falsely claiming that the fraud riddhi, who does no computer work, is doing the computer work, in a very sophisticated form of bribery of liar greedy government officials

So caro wants the higly skilled indian paypal account holder,to work for cash which he extorts from businesses in goa, so that his lazy greedy wife cbi employee robber riddhi nayak caro with no writing and no computer skills, can falsely claim to own the iwriter, paypal, bank account, to continue getting a monthly cbi salary for faking domain, paypal account ownership without any kind of computer work

hence though the liar fraud shameless goan officials caro,nayak, mandrekar are aware that the hardworking goa 1989 jee topper alone is doing all the work, being extremely SHAMELESS GREEDY LIARS they are criminally defaming her in the worst manner with their completely fake allegations, and making fake claims about their lazy greedy fraud relatives who do no computer work at all, do not pay any money for domains at all

Nanny Erika wong quotes Google ex-engineer Anthony levandowski’s 3 year old son to expose his cash stash

One of the reasons the domain investor does not hire anyone, though she has plenty of work, and is willing to pay, is because it is very difficult to trust anyone, especially since she has powerful enemies
The case of Google ex-engineer Anthony levandowski filed by his nanny Erika Wong again proves that a person who has powerful enemies should be very careful
In addition to leaking many of his phone conversations, she also quoted the Anthony levandowski’s 3 year old son, who she claims told her that his father had plenty of cash, and came out of the room waving 100 dollar bills
This shows that a high profile person should be very careful and sign an NDA with any person they interact with at the initial stage itself.

To avoid paying call girls CASH for sex services, indian tech and internet companies FALSELY CLAIMING that call girls are online experts

when slim goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan does not have a computer at home, how did her google, tata PIMPS get her a monthly raw salary for 8 years
Though they make millions of dollars in profit IIT kharagpur alumni sundar pichai led google, tata, indian tech and internet companies are extremely ruthless in CHEATING, EXPLOITING,ROBBING small business owners, domain investors in india to avoid paying MONEY, SEX BRIBES to corrupt greedy indian government employees from their million dollar profits .
Like all other indian companies, google, tata supply call girls to ntro, raw, cbi employees for SEX, offering SEX BRIBES to the greedy government employees. Instead of paying call girls CASH for SEX services from their huge profits, google, tata, indian internet companies are openly involved in CYBERCRIME, FINANCIAL FRAUD stealing all the data of older single women domain investors and falsely claiming that the call girls who have no online income, no online investment are online experts, domain investors

According to domain investors worldwide goan R&AW employees slim hot pant wearing goa bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar allegedly are being falsely promoted as online experts, domain investors, for provided sex services to well paid indian government employees by google, tata and indian tech, internet companies

Specifically slim goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan does not have a computer at home, yet google, tata PIMPS get her a monthly raw salary for 8 years falsely claiming that she is a domain investor, online expert, when sunaina has never invested any money in domains, has no online income at all showing how ruthless google, tata are in committing FINANCIAL, ONLINE FRAUD on small business owners, especially single women

Greedy panaji sindhi scammer family demanding Rs 7000 cash bribe for electricity meter installation to cover up school dropout cbi employee naina chandan’s educational fraud

Panaji’s top Greedy shameless sindhi scammer family of school dropout cbi employee naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil and xerox shop owning husband have developed a very innovative way of justifying the school dropout cbi employee naina chandan’s educational fraud
Though the google, tata sponsored greedy panaji sindhi scammer kolhapur born housewife naina chandan, is only a eighth standard pass school dropout illegally married at 16, the CORRUPT indian, goan government is falsely claiming that panaji’s top sindhi scammer, has the resume, savings of a single woman engineer with a btech 1993 ee degree from india’;s top engineering college
The shameless brahmin, bania ntro/raw employees like mhow monster puneet, j srinivasan, tushar parekh who are classmates of the single woman engineer, HATE her, so to destroy her life these frauds are involved in the PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT of giving fake references of a btech 1993 ee degree to any call girl, school dropout or fraud who can help them destroy the life of the single woman engineer,.

Due to the high crime rate in the area and repeated burglaries allegedly masterminded by the sindhi scammers, the domain investor, single woman engineer does not live in the house. Due to the sexual harassment, correspondence theft since 2010, wasting Rs 5 crore of indian taxpayer money annually the domain investor also does not know electricians in panaji, goa

So when the domain investor tried to get the meter installed outside, the electrician was demanding Rs 10300, while the standard rates for installation are Rs 3500 or less. It was clear that the sindhi scammer family was demanding Rs 7000 cash bribe from any electrician who is doing the work, otherwise they will threaten the electrician that they will damage the meter, using the extensive network of government employees who they control in goa

When the single woman engineer has refused to pay the massive cash bribe, they are using this to justify the educational fraud of the kolhapur born sindhi scammer school dropout cbi employee naina chandan,eighth standard pass who never studied engineering, yet is getting a monthly government salary for FAKING engineering degree because of the support of IIT kharagpur alumni sundar pichai led google, tata, R&AW employee tushar parekh and the fraud btech 1993 ee class of india’s top engineering college who are making fake claims about the eighth standard pass panaji sindhi scammer housewife

Panaji sindhi scammer family of school dropout cheater housewife cbi employee naina chandan collecting cash for politician/goa government employees

One of the reasons why the Panaji sindhi scammer family of school dropout cheater housewife cbi employee naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh is so powerful and the government is always blindly believing in their complete lies, is because the sindhi scammer family is collecting cash from all businesses in the area for powerful politician or goa government employees
Usually most people are paying cash to the newspaper vendor for the newspapers he delivers and the delivery charges.However because Panaji sindhi scammer family is the cash collection agency for a powerful politician/goa government employees (exact information cannot be confirmed due to lack of time) , the newspaper person is keeping cash in the house of the most powerful panaji sindhi scammer family, like all other business owners in the area do
The newspaper vendor was telling naina’s balding bespectacled husband, “Have kept your cash on the window”. The politician or government employees may be paying the sindhi scammer family a commission on the cash collected, due to which they have plenty of money, to feed the crows.
Indicating the great wealth of panaji’s top cash collector the panaji crows were again given an excellent multicourse meal – pulao, rice, milk, water by the panaji sindhi scammer family,
So can the indian, goa government, ntro, raw, cbi, indian internet sector, google, tata explain why the extremely wealth panaji sindhi scammer family, cannot purchase domains including this one legally, pay the domain renewal fees, yet want to get monthly government salaries for making FAKE CLAIMS that they own domains, including this one for more than 7 years at the expense of the real domain investor, who has no time to cook proper food for herself due to domain ownership, FINANCIAL FRAUD

Corrupt crooked caro’s quest to force citizens to work for cash, so that his wife robber riddhi nayak caro, gets a monthly cbi salary exposes GREED, CORRUPTION of government employees

Forcing hardworking citizens to work for cash, so that his lazy greedy liar wife robber riddhi nayak caro, only COOKING, CLEANING, for security agency employee crooked corrupt caro, is not defined as one of the government duties of top goa government employee crooked corrupt caro

No one has stopped the lazy greedy liar panaji gsb fraud housewife cbi employee robber riddhi nayak caro who looke like actress kangana ranaut from opening her own paypal, bank account legally, purchasing the domains, from the domain investor, spending her time and money managing the domains, paying Rs 4-5 lakh annually in domain renewal fees since 2010
When the lazy greedy fraud cbi employee housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro, only wants to spend her time COOKING, CLEANING for her husband corrupt crooked caro, CRITICIZING, CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the single woman domain investor to ruin her reputation completely and then ROBBER riddhi falsely claims to own the credit card, bank account and domains of the single woman engineer, domain investor to get a monthly cbi salary
Now to cover up her COMPUTER WORK, CREDIT CARD, BANKING FRAUD, robber riddhi and her husband corrupt caro, are trying to force the domain investor to work for cash for the cheater couple government employees, so that panaji ruthless robber riddhi only interested in cooking, cleaning and criminally defaming the domain investor can be falsely promoted as a online expert
Panaji’s top cheater couple caro, robber riddhi should be aware that in the internet sector, technology changes every few years, and though they may make some money for one or two years since robber riddhi is only interested in cooking, cleaning and criminally defaming, the profit will be short term. The domain investor will also not be interested in working online, if she is paid cash only, while robber riddhi gets credit, salary there are many other options for a hardworking skilled single woman.

It is an indication of the greed and selfishness, LACK OF HUMANITY of the well paid goan government employees that they expect a harmless person who life and reputation they have destroyed, to remain motivated work hard to make them richer and famous. The domain investor would like to ask the indian internet sector, especially google, why greedy goan fraud housewife cbi employee robber riddhi does not open her own bank account legally, why she is FALSELY CLAIMING to own the bank account, domains of a harmless single woman engineer whose CORRESPONDENCE she ROBS to run an extortion racket.

Hackers allegedly placed cash on delivery orders for goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan

Though the goan, indian government remains in denial, goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan great online fraud, has made many young internet professionals curious about her especially in ntro, raw, cbi .
Most young men have to work hard for their career, only sunaina is extremely pampered by her brahmin sugar daddies like j srinivasan, puneet, who are getting her a raw salary MAKING FAKE CLAIMS of domain ownership, paypal, bank account, computer work since 2012, and this may have led to resentment and jealousy among young men of her age.
Though her google, tata PIMPS are aggressively promoting her as an online expert, though sunaina is only a honeytrapping expert, goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan was extremely foolish to post her real email id online after being cheated once
It appears that some hackers have accessed her online shopping accounts, and are placing cash on delivery for her. the delivery person had come with 4-5 items for her, and was asking for cash, more than Rs 1000 per order, however no one was at home. After that sunaina’s sister piyali came, the domain investor did not have the time to watch the latest episode in the online shopping saga of NTRO’s favorite sugar baby completely

George Floyd killing shows that many people are falsely accused of fake currency

One of the reasons why the killing of George Floyd in USA has triggered worldwide protests is because there are many innocent people, whose life has been destroyed because they are falsely accused, harassed and humiliated without any proof by the security agencies who may be corrupt, prejudiced or taking bribes to do so.
George Floyd went to a store, and the storekeeper called the police because they thought that the $20 currency note was forged.The police stood on the neck for nine minutes, killing him.
It is an indication of the flawed system in almost all countries that just because a person is falsely accused without any kind of legally valid proof, he or she is cheated, exploited for the rest of his or her life.
Though the goan call girl/robber/fraud raw/cbi employees like goan bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, gujju school dropout naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, are not doing any computer work at all, these FRAUD LIAR raw/cbi employees are falsely claiming to own the paypal, bank account of the domain investor to get a monthly government salary at her expense.
To cover up their BANKING FRAUD, they are also criminally defaming the domain investor, spreading false rumors that the cash which she withdraws from her bank account, is from illegal sources when it is completely legal. Only a few selected citizens are subjected to this harassment and humiliation because government employees are criminally defaming them. The bank currency counter is also checking the currency, yet the harassment continues.