Journalists in Karnataka allegedly get cash as diwali gift from CM office staff

According to media reports published on reddit, Journalists in Karnataka allegedly get cash as diwali gift from CM office staff
The amount of cash varied from Rs one lakh to Rs 3 lakh and was put in envelopes along with diwali hampers
The hampers were left with the security in the office.
Some of the journalists allegedly have returned the money and complained to others
This exposes the great financial fraud on online publishers, who do not get any money other than the meagre amount of Rs 1 or less per day from advertising, no diwali bonus or gift
Yet showing how ruthless the indian tech and internet companies running a massive government SLAVERY racket are, they continue to make fake claims about the profitability of the online business when the business owner is actually making a huge loss.

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Instead of paying goan CALL girl raw employees sunaina, siddhi cash for their services, top indian tech, internet companies falsely marketing CALL GIRLS as online

Instead of paying call girl raw employees like siddhi mandrekar, goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan cash for their services like uttarkhand hotelier pulkit arya did for the girls supplied to vip guests, internet sector led by puneet, tech and internet companies is falsely marketing them as domain investors, online experts to get them government jobs, falsely claiming that the domains of a private citizen belong to top government employees just because they were the btech 1993 ee classmates of the private citizen
Though this sex trade deal is lucrative for the tech, internet companies,greedy government employees who do not want to pay call girls from the excellent monthly salary with dearness allowance which the indian government pays them monthy, the call girls who are getting a monthly salary and pension after retirement, high social status , this deal is causing great losses for the real domain investor, since she alone is paying a huge amount for domain renewals annually, while the goan call girls are getting monthly government salaries only for making fake claims of domain ownership
Anyone who can help in getting the government domain ownership records corrected, please contacted

Rich and powerful communities continue to spread fake cash rumors to slander the domain investor

Due to world famous government SLAVERY racket in the indian internet sector, which is widely discussed on quora and reddit since 2010, the domain investor is making very less money every year, Yet showing how vicious the rich and powerful communities in india are in slandering professionals, investors from poor communities, they continue to spread fake rumors that the domain investor has cash.
Most other businesses in india receive cash payment from customers so they have plenty of cash to pay their vendors and get a lower price, the domain investor does not receive any major payment from any customer in India for the last decade. Yet showing how vicious people are in slandering, they continue to spread fake rumors

Media carries news of cash for jobs fraud, not fake bank account for raw/cbi jobs fraud

The media has been carrying news of the cash for jobs fraud in West Bengal extensively, how the former minister Partha Chatterjee and his associate Arpita Mukherjee allegedly collected cash for appointing teachers for government jobs. The cash was stashed in various apartments and the information got widespread media coverage.
In the indian internet sector, there is a similar fraud since 2010, top tech and internet companies are falsely claiming that well connected high status frauds who do not invest money in domains, do not do any writing work, falsely claim to own the paypal, bank account of a hardworking single woman engineer, and get a monthly raw/cbi salary
It is an indication of the great powers of the indian tech and internet companies that the government refuses to end the banking fraud of its well paid employees.

To reduce cybercrime citizens advised to opt for cash on delivery

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Though police are telling citizens to opt for cash on delivery,it appears that some people, especially young people are extremely addicted to making payment using qr codes. The Times of india carried the news that a woman from Powai was cheated of Rs 4.8 lakh when she tried to purchase wine costing Rs 620 .The seller told her that she had paid some additional money, and would refund it if she scanned a QR code.
So the woman scanned the QR code repeatedly, and found that her bank account was debited by Rs 4.8 lakh.While young students who do not have much money in their bank account can use QR codes for making payment, those who have some money in their bank account should avoid direct bank payments to the extent possible/.

Pooja Dadlani had Rs 50 lakh cash available with her immediately for paying bribes

One of the reasons why the aryan khan case has fascinated everyone is because the bribes paid are being discussed openly while in other cases the matter is hushed up. The bribe was allegedly settled at Rs 18 crore, and a token amount of Rs 50 lakh was paid initially
Gosavi’s bodyguard Prabhakar sail confirms this meeting and payment of Rs 50 lakh on television
The arrest took place on saturday night, and republic tv confirmed the incident only on sunday noon , though they were mentioning that a superstars son was caught earlier in the morning.
Later he claimed that Pooja Dadlani did not pick up the phone, the deal was cancelled and the cash was refunded.
This shows that Pooja Dadlani has a lot of cash with her available anytime.
Specifically incident shows how ntro/raw/cbi employees are hounding small business owners with very less money, making fake black money allegations for withdrawing Rs 20000 or less monthly, and they do not take action against those who have plenty of cash

Aryan khan was allegedly carrying Rs 1.33 lakh cash when arrested by the NCB

Tickets for musical event on cruise ship cordelia empress cost Rs 60000 to Rs 3 lakh
The arrest of shahrukh khan’s son aryan khan, allegedly for drug consumption has also given people a glimpse of the life of the very rich
For an event of approximately 1.5 days, Tickets for music event on cruise ship cordelia empress cost Rs 60000 to Rs 3 lakh
There were approximately 1000 people on the cruise ship according to media reports, mainly from north india
The media were also very impressed by the musical event, and have been showing the glamorous event, with young people dancing on the ship
This shows that some people in india have plenty of money to pay Rs 3 lakh for a holiday of 1.5 days and the misplaced priorities of ntro, raw, cbi in hounding the domain investor since 2010, though she sometimes does not have revenues of Rs 3 lakh for 6 months despite working every day
The event was mainly marketed through social media, with tickets available at bookmyshow, shows that social media is very effective in marketing expensive events
Additionally it was reported that aryan khan was carrying Rs 1.33 lakh cash, which he allegedly planned to spend in the 1.5 days. This clearly shows that government agencies are mainly hounding powerless citizens from poorer communities making fake black money allegations , rich and powerful carry lakhs of rupees with them without being questioned.

Greedy government employees want their wives, relatives to FAKE paypal account ownership, pay writers cash, convert CASH BRIBES into white money

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In another form of BRIBERY, CORRUPTION in the indian internet sector, Greedy government employees getting CASH BRIBES want their wives, relatives to FAKE paypal account ownership, pay the writers. service providers cash

The government employees are getting cash bribes from people who they demand bribes from and are looking for options to invest, convert it into white money. so though their relatives, wives like robber riddhi nayak caro are only cooking, cleaning, they will falsely claim that the housewife is doing computer work, while the real writer is criminally defamed as a idle person with no income