In small towns, cash payment is cheaper

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In large metro cities, use of debit and credit cards is widespread online and offline also. However in small towns, credit and debit card payment offline is more expensive , due to additional processing charges of 1 percent or more, so for a person with limited funds, it is better to make cash payment.
The number of people transacting at a particular store, in a small town with a population less than 24000 , will be fairly low, so the cost of processing the transaction will be higher compared to a metro city with a population of millions
Network, processing equipment problems are also widespread in small towns , so almost everyone is preferring cash payment, especially for low value transactions.

Currency notes used for organized stalking

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In Goa, currency notes are increasingly used for organized stalking of the google competitor, When she will go shopping, she will usually get old dirty soiled notes , which can get easily damaged.
So when the google competitor is getting oil soiled notes, it is an indication that the shopkeeper or retailer has been contacted by the organized stalking group, and the google competitor should be careful . In particular retailers are told to give Rs 5 soiled notes to the google competitor
So cash transactions are used for organized stalking of the targetted individuals in goa.

Fraud for digital transactions makes cash transactions popular

An example of online fraud, india’s largest female domain investor, who actually pays for this domain name, has been subjected to major identity theft, impersonation fraud by indian intelligence and security agency employees, allegedly freelancing for google, tata , since 2010 which highlights why cash is king in India. NTRO, CBI employees are putting the domain investor under surveillance and falsely claiming that the goan sex workers supplied by google, tata to them for sex, their mediocre relatives and friends, lazy frauds, are doing the work online, to get all these sex workers and frauds lucrative R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence jobs with monthly salary, at the expense of the domain investor who is getting nothing

For example though the lazy greedy goan obc bhandari R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina chodan 2013 bsc does not physically own any SBI credit card and has never paid any sbi credit card bill in her life, the powerful fraud NTRO, CBI, security agency employees having SEX with goan R&AW employee sunaina are falsely claiming that sunaina, the SEX worker supplied to them by google, tata owns the SBI credit card of a google competitor, so that the google, tata sponsored SEX worker gets a monthly R&AW salary at the expense of the real domain investor, Bank and financial records will also prove that sunaina, the google, tata sponsored goan SEX worker who is getting a monthly R&AW salary does not pay a single paisa towards the SBI credit card bill, which she falsely claims to own with the help of her lovers, sex maniac ntro employees

Similarly, allegedly CBI/R&AW employees goan gsb frauds housewife riddhi nayak, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar and others are also falsely claiming to own the ICICI bank credit card of the google competitor, domain investor,though do not physically own the ICICI credit card and have never paid the icici credit card bill in their life, to again get a monthly R&AW/CBI salary at the expense of the domain investor who is again getting nothing, despite spending a lot of time and money to pay the bills regularly.This clearly indicates the risk of using credit cards for making online payment in India because NTRO,CBI, indian government employees are shameless frauds who will falsely claim that google, tata supplied sex workers and other frauds own the credit card of a private citizen, google competitor

NTRO cash voice to skull technology

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The NTRO employees are extremely arrogant, corrupt and think whatever they are doing is right, One of the favorite frauds is how they are saying that the google competitor should not have a bank account, all payment will be made in cash using voice to skull technology and other means
When the money made online is very less, why should the google competitor not have access to her bank account, the ntro employees fail to realize. why are they wasting tax payer to make fake claims
Every citizen has the right to earn a living, why should government employees be allowed to extort more money from the harmless indian paypal account holders, making fake allegations of security threat.

Demonetization and cash transactions

After demonetization was announced in November 2016, the indian government announced grand plans to increase digital transactions, promoting digital India. For the first few months after demonetization, it was difficult to get cash, so there was an increase in digital transactions in India.

However as cash became easily available in India, the number of digital transactions has declined to some extent from the peak in December 2016 due to large scale fraud, corruption, human rights abuses and nepotism in indian intelligence and security agencies.

The mainstream media and the indian government are ignoring the major problem of impersonation fraud,identity theft of those who are going cashless, how large companies like google, tata are involved in terrible human rights abuses, defamation, cheating, exploitation of those who transact online.