Most government employees get bribes in cash and kind

In India government jobs are in great demand because in addition to monthly salary, pension, they also can demand and get a lot of additional money as bribes without a major risk of being punished. Unlike China, where the communist party has become strict in taking action against government employees who are making money using illegal methods, the indian government is usually blind to the rampant corruption of government employees who exploit harmless indian citizens at every opportunity demanding and getting bribes.
As the vigilance department may check the bank details of the government employees, they are usually taking the bribe in the form of cash or kind as it does not leave any money trail, which can be detected at a later date
The cash extorted is then used to lead a very lavish lifestyle and converted into gold and similar assets which cannot be easily traced.

NTRO, cbi, tata take no action against call girls, escorts who are receiving cash payment

Harmless indian paypal account holders making very less money, all in their bank account are mercilessly stalked, defamed and harassed by powerful fraud ntro employees making fake black money allegations without any proof, wasting indian tax payer money to find non existent proof since 2010. However there are a large number of escort, call girl websites online, and they are usually receiving payment in cash yet no one is monitoring their activities.
The fees of these call, escort girls is fairly high, approximately Rs 10000 or more daily, all received in cash. However in a clear example of double standards, hypocrisy of ntro, cbi, google, tata employees, no action is taken against the call girls receiving cash payment and also their rich customers who are paying them well in cash.

Bank account and cash

In a major financial fraud since 2010, google, tata, NTRO are falsely claiming that as many as 10 lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced R&AW/CBI employees own the bank account of a google competitor to waste indian tax payer money, paying them a monthly salary, though these indian intelligence employees are not connected to the google competitor in any way at all.

It is an indication of the extremely poor systems in indian intelligence agencies, that their lazy fraud employees can falsely claim to own the bank account, credit cards of a private citizen, and are not questioned and their claims are not verified, for more than 7 years since 2010 without questioned for the financial fraud on a private citizen, no one is checking their bank details.

In a country like india, where corruption, nepotism levels are very high, and the indian government refuses to investigate the endless frauds of intelligence agencies, people have relatively less faith in the cashless system where records are manipulated by corrupt officials, and prefer to deal in cash.