When the domain investor complains of crime and fraud in goa, on quora, people like suryavanshi threaten to report to NIA,police saying that she is defaming the intelligence agencies. However the domain investor would like the police, NIA to explain how reporting the robbery of Portuguese national Diago Alexander in goa and other crimes in goa is defamatory, how the crime is justified

Another crime which was reported in the local newspapers in goa in 2019 was the robbery of a sweets shop near panaji market of Rs 55000 in cash. The newspaper reported that the robbers had entered the shop from the ceiling . There are other shops near the market which have also been robbed in the last few months according to goan media reports, yet no action is being taken to catch the criminals in goa.

It is very dangerous to keep any cash at home in goa, people with master keys are running amok, entering houses, offices and robbing whatever they wish including the house of the domain investor. These people are allegedly linked to the local intelligence and security agencies, which is the reason why they are not caught.After the robbery at another supermarket near panaji, market, there was a long queue of people at the bank depositing their cash, since the crime rate has increased.