To spend her black money cash, school dropout cbi employee naina chandan, visits kolhapur periodically

Though their corrupt BRIBE TAKING OFFICIALS are criminally defaming the domain investor, with their fake black money allegations, the fact is that school dropout cbi employee naina chandan has plenty of black money in the form of cash since her husband owns a shop where customers pay cash.

Since spending the cash in goa, would attract a lot of attention,school dropout cbi employee naina chandan visits kolhapur periodically for spending her black money hoard. For example in May 2019, naina and her family was away from panaji, goa for 4-5 days. It appears that she spent a lot of cash in kolhapur, since they returned with a lot of shopping. They were transferring at least 20-30 bags with shopping material after they came back from kolhapur

Usually people have only 3-4 bags after shopping, yet since there was plenty of black money, they could purchase many items.

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