Goa government employees in panaji take CASH BRIBES to help panaji gujju fraudster family launder their black money

Google, tata help school dropout gujju housewife naina chandan in laundering her black money
Google, tata, criminally defame hardworking women paypal account holders as being involved in illegal business when these fraud companies are actually helping the their favorite school dropout gujju housewife naina chandan, who looks like actress sneha wagh, her lazy fraud liar sons karan, nikhil, in money laundering, converting their black money into white

The family gujju school dropout naina chandan is having a shop in panaji where they receive only cash payment which they do not declare fully or partly in their income tax returns. They use part of the black money to pay cash bribes to the intelligence and security agency employees in goa , who then abuse their powers to falsely claim that the gujju fraudster family of naina chandan, with no online income, owns the paypal, bank account of a single woman engineer and get a R&AW/cbi salary without doing any computer work, without investing any money online at the expense of the engineer

The panaji gujju fraudster family is then showing the salary income FOR FAKING BANK ACCOUNT as legal income when it only laundered money, with the help of google, tata to destroy the life,and reputation of a google competitor. The goa government is only monitoring the hardworking engineer closely, it refuses to question the government employees taking CASH BRIBES and making fake claims about bank account, home ownership.

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Xerox shops receive cash payments, have plenty of black money

One of the greatest frauds of ntro is how they are criminally defaming hardworking indian paypal account holders of having black money, when they have no cash income at all. The only cash is what they withdraw monthly from the bank for their daily and business expenses, and they use up almost all the money within one month, there is almost no money left.
On the other hand, retail stores especially xerox shops are having plenty of cash, since all their payment is received in cash. It is up to the business owner to decide whether to declare the income and pay tax or horde the black money.
It appears that running a xerox shop in panaji in busy areas, is very lucrative. The owner of a xerox shop on MG road, openly boasted to the domain investor, that he had plenty of money and he would purchase any number of cars he wished
It would be interesting to find out how much income the xerox shop owner is officially declaring and how much black money he has hoarded

Instead of wasting money monitoring harmless paypal account holders, who receive all their payment in the bank account only, ntro, raw, cbi should check businesses who receive cash payment and find out how much of the cash income they are officially declaring.

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