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As a professional and well-known musician, I must present myself in the best image. When I am on stage, I have to give a good look and sound for my fans. My band and I have many female fans. They love to swoon at our looks and dance to our music. I am the lead singer and front-runner of my band. My appearance is constantly under scrutiny from the public eye. Recently, I noticed that I had some small wrinkles and bags around my eyes. I need a Singapore aesthetic clinic to help me with my aging face.

My love for music began at an early age. I wanted to take karate lessons, but my mom would not let me. She felt that it was too dangerous for me. Instead, she enrolled me into piano lessons. At first, I did not playing the piano, but after a while, I thought it was fun.

I learned playing and creating music of my own. I joined the school orchestra and learned how to play the violin, cello, and guitar. My mother also enrolled me in singing lessons. I also played in the church choir for a while.


I met my fellow band mates when I was in ccollege. Our group was comprised of my friends from college. We all were strapped for cash and needed money for school. We decided to enter many talent shows for extra money. We won many talent shows. The women in the audience loved our handsome looks. They would try to rush the stage just to touch us. I felt so great to have many fans and groupies after us. I hoped that those days would never end.

Unfortunately, I am not as young as I used to be in my prime. I hope that the treatment that I seek will save my career.