Cash levels increase again due to corruption, nepotism, fraud of indian government employees

After decreasing their interest rate post demonetization, banks in India are again increasing their interest rate as the amount deposited in the bank has reduced a lot in the last one year. The media reported that the cash levels in the indian economy had again increased to the levels at the time of demonetization, as people are withdrawing the cash from their bank account and hoarding it at home and elsewhere again
The indian government fails to realize that the main problem are the extremely corrupt dishonest fraud indian government employees , who are notorious worldwide for their lies, financial fraud and nepotism , which can be legally proved.
Crores of indian tax payer money is wasted annually to defame, cheat, harass and exploit harmless hardworking, honest indian citizens, while those who are involved in great frauds are given great powers.
When the indian government gives world famous frauds, liars great powers, how can it expect any kind of improvement as many indian citizens, especially those receiving cash payment or cash bribes like R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi do not have any faith in the system and are keeping their money in cash.

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