All cash transactions of google competitor closely monitored since 2010

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In a clear case of how ruthless google, tata are in framing the google competitor, since 2010, google, tata have been closely monitoring all the cash transactions of the google competitor , trying to make fake allegations of money laundering to justify the identity theft racket on the google competitor.
The google competitor may be spending Rs 10-14000 monthly cash , yet the indian government is wasting Rs 10-14 lakh monthly since 2010, trying to find non existent proof to prove that the Rs 12000 monthly withdrawn from the bank account is used for “money laundering”
In a clear indication of the inefficiency of indian government agencies, they refuse to acknowledge the fact that unlike government employees, private citizens have no powers, get no bribes in cash or kind, and have to spend money to pay the market price for almost everything they require . So a few thousand rupees is very less for daily shopping, food, travel, medicine, clothes, stationery and other expenses.