Fake moss rose buyer on OLX asks for bank details,does not deposit cash/cheque

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Google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi are ruthless in harassing, defaming and trying to frame the google competitor. In the latest example of how they tried to frame the google competitor, they sent a fake moss rose buyer on OLX for purchasing moss rose plants. The google competitor spent a lot of time to create an invoice, send it to the fake buyer.
However after nearly a week, no money has been deposited, indicating that she was a fake buyer.

When the google competitor sent an invoice with the webconcepts bank account details to a flower plant buyer from panaji, she did not make payment
Instead the campal flower plant buyer repeatedly sent the message
u gv me ur bk number n which bk otherwise forget it

u gv me ur bk number n which bk otherwise forget it

The buyer probably wanted to meet personally and pay cash, however since raw/cbi/tata are so ruthless in framing the google competitor , she is unable to meet people for cash payment, and the woman who contacted on olx is probably not interested in cash deposit, because the google competitor cannot be framed.
However the google competitor is wasting her time, checking if the woman has deposited the cash/cheque daily, only to find that no money was deposited.

Panaji, is a small town, and if the woman wanted the plants she could easily deposit cash in a week.
The google competitor is not so desperate for customers, she is only interested because she wants references

It appears that someone told her not to make payment, and told her to get the personal or paypal account details, which will not be provided

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